Do you suffer from Chronic Sinusitis?

Sinusitis refers to inflammation of the sinuses that occurs with a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. There are Maxillary, Frontal, Ethmoid and Sphenoid sinuses that are located on the face. If you complain of headaches between the eyes, you have frontal sinus headache or a Sphenoid and ethmoid sinus headache. Pain and sensitivity below the eyes in the cheek region is maxillary sinus. The sinus infection may have a viral or bacterial component in the infection stage and is usually treated with antibiotics. What is stressing out the immune system which continually makes a person vulnerable to sinus infections? The reason is an inflammatory response in the sinuses leading to increased mucous. Increased mucous and inflammation helps make an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to flourish. By preventing mucous…this can prevent the sinus infections.

What foods, drinks, products or environmental triggers can cause a neurological stress response, thereby creating an inflammatory response and increased mucous? There are many things that stress out your immune system but one huge culprit is dairy products. Dairy can cause increased mucous secretion in individuals who have a slight allergy or sensitivity. If you suffer from sinus problems, try eliminating 100% of all dairy products from your diet for two weeks. Any ingredients with milk, casein, whey, lactose must be 100% avoided. Elimination diets are great ways to find out what stresses the body.

Anything could be triggering your immune response leading to sinus problems; huge culprits are egg, dairy, wheat, plug-ins, and chemicals. Any substance can cause an inappropriate fight or flight stress response leading to immune issues. An allergy or sensitivity is an inappropriate response to a normal substance. For example one of my patients who suffered for years with chronic sinus infections and a stuffy nose was 99% better after treating her with the BAX 3000 laser for Salicylates, which are found in the peel of fruits and other foods. Another patient in her 50’s suffered for years with sinus problems and seasonal allergies but after treating her with the BAX 3000 laser for egg, dairy, minerals, grasses, ragweed and plants she stated, “I can finally sleep through the entire night without waking up and my allergy symptoms are 95% better.”

People have to decide whether to continue treating the symptoms with drugs or focus on preventing the sinus condition or symptoms by modifying your diet, adjusting the subluxations in the cervical spine and/or using a state of the art advanced Bax 3000 cold laser that works to eliminate sensitivities to dust, pollens or other substances that exacerbate the sinuses. The laser helps recondition the persons’ body to no longer over react to harmless substances which in turn helps prevent inflammation and other associated immune system complaints. The Bax 3000 computerized system test the patient to see what substances cause a severe flight/fight neurological stress response. Many patients who suffer with sensitivities, allergies, chronic sinuses problems, eczema, chronic fatigue and other conditions get better. Visit to watch testimonials. Call Dr. Johnson at 845-623-0026 for more information.